Wedding Photography Covid-19 Info

With you every step of the way

Wedding Photography Covid-19 Info

Postponed Weddings

Jeff Land Photography wants to support you throughout the COVID-19 crisis. 

So, if you find yourself in the unfortunate position of having to reschedule your wedding, we’ll be happy to move your booking to another date free of charge. This is subject to availability. 

If we don’t have your new date available, we have a network of amazing colleagues who’ll be able to step-in and cover your wedding if need be. So, don’t worry – your booking is safe with us. 

Please get in touch if you’d like to discuss this further.

New Bookings

Jeff Land Photography is open as usual for new bookings so please do get in touch. For more details use our Contact Page or just give me a call.

If you would like to meet up for a chat I am happy to do so from the 29th March.

Alternatively, if you just can’t wait we can arrange a Zoom call.

“I have just received this information regarding wedding restrictions – I hope you find it useful.”

Wedding Photography Covid-19 Info

Wedding Photography Covid-19 Info

How Do The Four Steps For Easing Lockdown Affect Weddings?

Step One: 8th March and from 29th March

From 8th March, all schools will open with outdoor after-school sports and activities allowed. Recreation in outdoor public spaces – such as a park – will be allowed between two people, meaning they would be allowed to sit down for a coffee, drink, or picnic. Wedding ceremonies will be able to proceed with 6 attendees only but will no longer be limited to exceptional circumstances.

From 29th March, 0utdoor gatherings of either six people or two households will be allowed. It is understood this will include gatherings in private gardens. Outdoor sports facilities such as tennis or basketball courts will reopen and organised adult and children’s sport, such as grassroots football, will also return.

What does Step 1 mean for weddings?

  • Couples who simply wish to get married and have their small, legal ceremony will be able to do so from the 8th of March.

Step Two: from 12th April

Step Two from 12 April would see a significant improvement for those planning weddings if data allows:

  • Weddings and receptions with up to 15 guests permitted.
  • Non-essential retail opens, hairdressers, and public buildings like libraries and museums
  • Outdoor settings, like alcohol takeaways and beer gardens, open.
  • Indoor leisure, like swimming pools and gyms, open.
  • Self-contained holiday accommodation, such as self-catering lets and campsites, open, but for one household only.
  • The end of hospitality curfews and requirements to eat a substantial meal alongside alcohol.
  • But wider social contact rules will continue to apply in all settings – meaning no indoor mixing between different households will be allowed.

What does Step 2 mean for weddings?

  • Those getting married can use professional services for their hair, makeup, and nail appointments.
  • Bridal boutiques will be open
  • Bridal alterations and fitting appointments
  • Menswear and hire wear will be open
  • Jewelers will be open
  • You’ll be able to have a staycation honeymoon in self-contained holiday accommodation.

Step Three: from 17th May

The third step will come from 17 May, if the data allows, and sees more improvements:

  • Weddings and wedding receptions will be allowed with 30 people.
  • Outdoors, most social contact rules will be lifted, but gatherings of more than 30 will be illegal.
  • Indoors, the rule of six or a larger group of up to two households will be allowed.
  • Indoor hospitality – pubs, restaurants, cinemas, theatres, concert halls, hotels, B&Bs, indoor exercise classes – will be allowed.

What does Step 3 mean for weddings?

  • We hope this implies less social distancing restrictions for outdoor ceremonies and receptions
  • Guests will be able to stay in hotels before and after the event

Step Four: from 21 June

The fourth step from 21 June will potentially see all legal limits on social contact removed, with the final closed sectors of the economy reopened – such as nightclubs. The government hopes that – from this date – restrictions on weddings and other social gatherings will be abolished.

What does Step 4 mean for weddings?

  • We are incredibly hopeful that this will allow for larger weddings over multiple days
  • It is too early to be certain, but the implications are that music, dancing and hugging will be part of weddings again

Wedding Photography Covid-19 Info