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Asian Wedding Photographer

I just love photographing Asian and Mixed Faith Weddings

I recently had the pleasure of photographing Kiran’s pre-wedding Maiya Ceremony which took place in her family home in Coventry. These ceremonies are an absolute delight to capture with lots of smiles, laughs, bright colors & great food.

Friends and family all come together for his Maiya Ceremony where they cover the bride’s arms in a yellow paste made from Turmeric powder and Yogurt. The idea is to make the skin glow, ready for her wedding day a few days later.

This was followed by the Choora ceremony is usually held on the morning of the wedding or the day before. The bride’s maternal uncle and aunt first dip each bangle in milk and then place them on her wrists to wear on her wedding day. Brides usually wear these red, gold & ivory bangles for 40 days. This was followed by the giving of gifts by each family member.

Finally topped off with a selection of traditional Indian food & one or two drinks.

Many thanks to Jinny & family for their hospitality.

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Asian Wedding Photographer